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Lawrenceville Roofing Services

Buford Roofing Pros is an Lawrenceville-based roof repair company that will help you maintain your home’s curb appeal by giving it the fresh look everyone wants. Whether we are installing new roofs or fixing any problems in need of our expertise, let us put together a plan specifically designed to meet all necessary standards and keep everything running smoothly at affordable rates—all while maintaining safety measures so when summer rolls around once again this year there won’t be one single thing standing between them from catching some sun on their deck!

Roofs are an important part of any home. If you’re like most homeowners, there is probably at least one project on your “to-do” list that involves a roof repair or replacement services from Buford Roofing Pros! Our pros can provide various types for care in order make sure yours gets taken cared properly and quickly while also ensuring necessary work isn’t missed out on by other contractors who may not know what needs done when it comes time for them tackle these tasks themselves later down the line

Emergency Roofing Service in Lawrenceville, GA

Be alert to changes in your roofing condition, such as:

  • Your roof is leaking
  • The shingles are missing or damaged
  • There are spots of mold or mildew on the roof
  • The roof is very old and needs to be replaced
  • You can’t seem to keep the gutters clean
  • You’ve noticed animals, like birds or squirrels, nesting in your attic

When you need a professional and reliable roof repair or replacement, call the experts from Lawrenceville Roofing. Our team will arrive at your property as soon as possible to get an accurate estimate on diagnosing any problems with leaks that could be due for repairing before they become bigger issues down the road! We provide emergency service around this area so don’t hesitate if there are sudden drops in temperature because it’s time protect what matters most: YOUR ROOF!!!

Professional Roofing Maintenance Services

Your home is one of the most important things in your life. That’s why we do everything possible to ensure that it will be protected for years with quality services like ours! Our team inspects every part, no matter how small or large you need us too; then they make sure all parts work together as intended so nothing falls off before giving peace-of mind knowing everything looks good under coverage

  • Use of an A.I. Drone to inspect your roof
  • Examine downspouts
  • Inspect Soffit and Facia
  • Inspect Drip Edge (Gutter Apron, Starter Shingles, Felt, and other code items)
  • Use a shingle gauge to test shingle thickness and durability of current condition
  • Look closely for any storm related damage, staining, and algae
  • Inspection of all pipes, ventilation and exhaust
  • Examine Chimney flashing, mortar, stucco and caulking.
  • Generate a detailed roof condition report
  • Discuss report analysis and create a plan of action to address any concerns

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